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Why You Should Use Evans Rewind Services

At Evans Enterprises we do everything we can to assure you that your Rewound Motors and Generators are equal to or better than the original equipment. In many cases, we can actually prove that our rewinds are superior to original factory windings. Evans Enterprises routinely rewinds AC, DC, Synchronous, Slip Ring and many other types of motors and generators. We have successfully rewound motors up to 13,000 HP, generators up to 18,000 KW and 7200 volts.

Some of the Features & Benefits that set Evans Enterprises Apart

Evans Core Loss Tests Before We Rewind

By core loss testing the unit before winding it, we assure that the unit is worth rewinding. By core loss testing we confirm that our temperature controlled stripping ovens maintained the integrity of the core. This step saves time and dollars by not rewinding bad cores and makes sure you receive an efficient rewind. Detailed Reports of the core loss test results are provided to the customer upon request. Click here for More Details on Core Loss Testing.

Evans Temperature Controlled Stripping and Curing Ovens

All Evans Enterprises plants utilize temperature controlled stripping ovens to breakdown the resins that the windings are encapsulated in. These ovens control the temperature that the cores are subjected to, to a maximum temperature that will not negatively effect the laminations. In most cases our stripping ovens have chart recorders that are available as a part of our Detailed Reports. Large curing and strippinng ovens are a necessity to service large equipment. Largest curing oven is12’ X 15’ X 15’ inside. Largest stripping is 10’ X 10’ X 10’ inside.

Evans Class H or Better Insulation Systems

All Evans Enterprises plants utilize only Class H (180deg. C) winding materials in our rewinds. The only component that is not Class H in our rewinds is the lead wire, which is Class F. The Class H lead wire is a silicone glass and is not as durable as the EPDM or Neoprene lead wire we use. Click here for more details on the Evans Class H Insulation System.

Evans Inverter Duty Magnet Wire

All Evans Enterprises plants have made Inverter Duty Magnet Wire a standard part of all rewinds. We never know when one of our customers may add an inverter to an existing motor, therefore, if Evans Enterprises wound it, you can rest assured that it has inverter duty wire inside. Click here for More Details on Inverty Duty Wire.

Evans Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)

Evans Enterprises maintains three different VPI systems, with the largest capacity being eight feet inside diameter. In addition, we have multiple resins and over dip capabilities (like epoxy) for severe duty applications.

Evans Special Application Encapsulations

Motors are often subjected to extreme operating conditions. This calls for special encapsulations like our resilient overcoats for high abrasive applications, epoxy overcoats for high moisture areas, and low extractable resins for hermetic freon or oil immersed windings. Whatever environment your motor operates in, Evans Enterprises will work with you to design a winding system that will solve your problem.

Evans Design Engineers on Staff

Evans Enterprises has qualified motor / generator design engineers on staff to assist with re-designing existing motors to fit specific needs or applications. We’re not talking about changing a nameplate to make it say what we want, we’re talking detailed design and re-design done by qualified engineers. In addition, each Evans Enterprises plant is an EASA member and has access to the EASA computerized re-design programs for basic winding calculations and re-designs.

Evans Specialty Coils & Dry Transformers

Evans Enterprises is equipped to wind just about any size or type of specialty coil or dry transformer. Often these special coils or transformers are obsolete or have long deliveries at best. Your production demands can’t wait on long deliveries. That’s where Evans Enterprises can assist by reverse engineering your device and rewinding it like new. From Particle Accelerator coils to specialty transformers Evans Enterprises is your best source for specialty winding challenges.

Evans Electrical Integrity Testing

At Evans Enterprises we strive to assure that whether we rewind your motor / generator or perform a complete recondition, to the best of our knowledge the electrical system is as good as it can be. In order to provide this assurance an array of testing must be done. Evans Enterprises continually seeks out and utilizes the latest testing procedures, processes and equipment available, to assure our customers that their equipment is in the best possible operating condition. Click here for More Details and Explanations of Evans Electrical Integrity Tests including:

Evans Detailed Reports Available Digitally

In the past, equipment was sent in for repair, with instructions to, “Fix it as quick as you can and send me a bill”. Those days are long gone. Today industry, municipalities, utilities and other large users understand the importance of predictive analysis, preventive maintenance, trend analysis, etc. in minimizing equipment failures. In order to do any of the above it is necessary to begin with an accurate base line. The best time to do this is during and immediately after a repair is made. Evans Enterprises also understands how important this is and has developed extensive Detailed Reports of testing, repairs made, cause of failure, etc. along with digital photos of the entire process. These reports are an integral part of the repair process at Evans Enterprises. The reports can be provided in a hard copy format, but are usually requested in an electronic format for easier use by the customer. By emailing the reports you often get a detailed report of exactly what was done to your equipment before the truck arrives. Detailed Reports and base line development is one of the many reasons you should use Evans for all your service needs. Click here far a listing of Detailed Reports and actual sample reports.

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