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Machining & Mechanical Services

Evans Keeps Machining Support & Mechanical Repairs In-house

At Evans Enterprises we work hard to be in control of every aspect of the repair process. In order to do this, we strive to provide each step of the process in one of our facilities. It is often said that mechanical failures are the cause of up to 75% of all motor failures. Therefore, all Evans Enterprises' plants are equipped to repair most any mechanical failure. Detailed Reports are available on all mechanical repairs.

Evans Complete In-House Machine Shops

Each plant has a well-equipped machine shop that is dedicated to providing mechanical repairs on the equipment we service. Each plant has the capability to weld, metalize, and machine a shaft, end bell, bearing housing or cut a new keyway to expedite the complete repair process. If a shaft is more economical to replace, we can utilize both horizontal and vertical presses to remove and replace the shaft. Complete new shafts are machined from like alloys. Many other mechanical modifications and repairs are available from Evans Enterprises through our mechanical repair departments.

Evans Dynamic Balancing

Each plant maintains its own dynamic balancing equipment to assure that all rotating elements are properly balanced before the unit is assembled. Even the most demanding balance tolerances can be met and the results are available in our Detailed Reports. All dynamic balancing and vibration analysis services are available in our facilities as well as at your job-site. In shop balancing is in accordance with the American Petroleum Institute (API) formula for rotor balancing. 4X rotor weight divided by RPM of unit = Unbalance Tolerance – Oz. Inches. Our balance technicians are trained at the Entek IRD Vibration Institute to Technical Associates Level I and Level II.

Evans Sleeve / Babbitt Bearing Repairs

This is one of the few outsourced services at Evans Enterprises. The absolute best way to repair a sleeve / babbitt bearing is by spin casting. This is the best proven way of minimizing impurities in the babbitt and assuring proper bonding to the bearing housing. Each repaired bearing is ultra sonic tested for proper bonding and porosity. Evans Enterprises has qualified one of the premiere sleeve / babbitt bearing companies in the country and uses them exclusively for these services. Our bearings continuously meet the demanding requirements of pipelines, utilities and industries nationwide.

Evans Standardizes on Exxon Polyrex EM Grease

Exxon Polyrex EM Grease is a super premium polyurea grease that is specially formulated for electric motor bearings and offers the following benefits:

* Outstanding long-life, high temperature lubrication of ball and roller bearings
* Specially formulated for electric motor bearing lubrication
* Excellent mechanical shear stability
* Excellent corrosion resistance, even in the presence of salt water
* Exhibits outstanding lubrication life at high speeds and high temperatures
* During ASTM D 3336 High Temperature Life Tests, Exxon Polyrex EM achieved a lubrication life of more than 700 hours at 117 Deg. C (350Deg. F)

Evans uses a grease that has been proven to be four times better than a competitive polyurea grease and seven times better than conventional lithium-complex greases! Click here for More Details on Exxon Polyrex EM Grease.

Evans Blower & Fan Refurbishing

In addition to repairing the motors that drive the equipment, Evans Enterprises offers turnkey service on most types of driven equipment. Fans and blowers take a lot of abuse, bearings wear out, contaminant buildup causes out of balance, etc. Evans Enterprises provides complete removal, repair, and installation of all types of fans and blowers. Vibration analysis and dynamic balancing is offered both in our facilities and at your plant on any rotating equipment. Evans also offers application, installation, start-up and service of variable frequency drives on any fan or blower application.

Evans Pump Rebuilding

Evans Enterprises provides repair and service for most types of pumps. From simple seal and bearing replacement to extensive shaft manufacturing, wear ring and impeller repairs. One of our specialties is repairing submersible and sump pumps. We even manufacture a down hole drilling motor that drills up to one mile into the earth. Evans Enterprises also offers application, installation, start-up and service of variable frequency drives on any pump application.

Evans Gearbox, Mechanical and Electrical Variable Speed Repairs

Mechanical variable speed drives, speed increasers, speed de-creasers, clutches and any other speed-changing device is no problem for Evans Enterprises. Many of these devices have been replaced with variable frequency drives, but there are still many in operation. That’s why we offer a complete array of mechanical gearbox and speed changing repair services. If you are looking for a better way to achieve variable speed, call us about our Variable Frequency Drive sales, service, application, installation and start-up capabilities.

Evans Pays Attention to Every Repair Detail

Evans Component Part Inspection, Measurement & Repair

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. At Evans Enterprises, we pay close attention to the details that can cause rework and downtime. As each unit is disassembled, each step is photographed digitally and the photos are saved in that job’s file. This assures that the unit is assembled exactly as it was received and all accessories are properly installed. Each component is also match marked for proper placement during assembly. All parts are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, measured and painted awaiting assembly. Any damaged or worn parts are repaired or replaced, with the customer's prior knowledge and authorization.

Evans Rotating Element Inspection, Measurement and Repair

As soon as the rotor / armature is removed from the stator or field frame, testing begins.

AC Rotors

AC rotors are high current tested for porosity, broken bars, and open bar to end ring solder joints. Damaged rotor squirrel cage assemblies can be totally re-barred by Evans Enterprises. The rotor receives a “shaft to shaft” total indicated run-out (TIR) measurement, with results provided in one of our detailed reports, to identify broken or bent shafts. Shaft repairs and complete new shafts are available from Evans Enterprises. All critical fits are carefully measured to assure all fits are within tolerance. The rotor is then cleaned, baked, painted and dynamically balanced ready for assembly.

DC Armatures

DC armatures are growler or surge tested, meg tested and bar to bar or surge tested to confirm that the armature windings are in good condition. If the armature windings have failed, Evans Enterprises can proceed immediately with a complete rewind. The armature is thoroughly cleaned in a vertical position to remove all contaminants and baked to remove all moisture, then it is dipped and baked to cure the resin. In most cases, the commutator is faced and undercut. By performing these tests simultaneously with other processes “Go / No Go” decisions can be made as to the economic feasibility of the repairs. Complete commutator refills and rebuilds are also available from Evans Enterprises.

Evans Lamination Refurbishing and Restacking

When core loss testing confirms that the laminations stack is degraded past a useful point, Evans Enterprises has the solution. Evans operates one of the only automated lamination refurbishing systems in the nation. This system automatically cleans deteriorated core plate from each lamination. Our core plating system then applies a .0025" thick coating to both sides of the cleaned laminations. The refurbished laminations are then ready to restack in the stator housing or on the shaft. If laminations are mechanically damaged, new laser cut laminations can be distributed between the refurbished laminations to make a complete stack. Click here for more information on Core Loss Testing.

Evans Sound Attenuating Modifications

Employees being subjected to high noise levels, is a big safety concern. Evans Enterprises can replace and modify sound attenuating materials in large rotating equipment. Typically reducing the noise emission level of the equipment.

Evans Detailed Reports Available Digitally

In the past, equipment was sent in for repair, with instructions to, "Fix it as quick as you can and send me a bill". Those days are long gone. Today industry, municipalities, utilities and other large users understand the importance of predictive analysis, preventive maintenance, trend analysis, etc. in minimizing equipment failures. In order to do any of the above it is necessary to begin with an accurate base line. The best time to do this is during and immediately after a repair is made. Evans Enterprises also understands how important this is and has developed extensive Detailed Reports of testing, repairs made, cause of failure, etc. along with digital photos of the entire process. These reports are an integral part of the repair process at Evans Enterprises. The reports can be provided in a hard copy format, but are usually requested in an electronic format for easier use by the customer. By emailing the reports you often get a detailed report of exactly what was done to your equipment before the truck arrives. Detailed Reports and base line development is one of the many reasons you should use Evans for all of your service needs. Click here for a listing of Detailed Reports and actual sample reports.

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