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Evans On-site Services

Evans Brings Our Services to Your Plant

For many years equipment to be repaired was picked up at a plant’s dock or even delivered to a service center. Today, with dwindling maintenance budgets and staffs, that is no longer the case. In response to this change, Evans Enterprises has made most of our services available either in one of our ten plants or at your plant site. Evans Enterprises offers turnkey on-site removal and replacement of most equipment, on-site rewinds and repairs, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, laser alignment and much more. In addition Evans Enterprises owns and operates a complete fleet of pickup and delivery vehicles and can transport loads up to 55,000 lbs. or larger permitted loads.

Evans Hoist Services and Products

Most plants have some sort of overhead lifting devices and they all need to be routinely inspected, serviced, maintained, load tested and oftern retrofitted. Evans can handle all of these needs with one phone call. Evans technicians have been trained at the American Crane and Hoist Institute of America. Our technicians can perform OSHA mandated inspections and full load tests on a variety of lifting devices. Our inspection reports can be provided electronically or in a printed format. Evans also can load test lifting devices up to 50,000 lbs. In addition, Evans sells, installs and services several major brands of hoists and accessories. We offer sales and turnkey installations of bridge, jib and gantry crane systems. The hoist and the crane are just a part of the overall lifting system. Evans offers radio remote controls, variable frequency drive retrofits, engineered spanner bars and custom lifters, as well as a multitude of accessories like vacuum lifts, trolleys, and more. Evans is a distributor and certified installer for the complete line of Gorbel Ergonomic Crane Systems. Call us today and let us take a load off your shoulders with Evans Hoist Services.

Evans On-site Repair Services

Sometimes, a unit is too large to remove for repairs or there just isn’t enough scheduled downtime to remove it. Evans Enterprises provides complete rewinds, repairs and refurbishing in place. Although we strongly feel that rewinds can best be done in one of our facilities, we can accommodate on-site rewinds when the need arises. Stators can be stripped, coils manufactured off-site, installed and connected in place, resin applied and cured and ready to operate in days. On-site mechanical repairs like anti-friction bearing replacement and sleeve bearing repairs are also available. Facing of slip rings and turning and undercutting of commutators is a common service provided by Evans Enterprises on large equipment in place. On-site cleaning, inspection, and testing are good short-term means of evaluating and extending a unit’s life until removal and more thorough repair is feasible. Evans offers "Dry Ice Cleaning" for electrical components that cannot be cleaned with more abrasive materials like sand or glass beads because of the environment.

Evans “Pad to Pad” Removal and Replacement

Emergencies often happen in multiples. Often, there’s not just one #1 priority, there are usually several. When multiple priorities require outside assistance, let Evans Enterprises supply the manpower and expertise that you need. Evans can mechanically and electrically disconnect most types and sizes of rotating equipment. We will coordinate all lifting and loading equipment and provide transportation to one of our plants for repairs. Once the repairs and site preparations are complete we will transport the unit back to your plant site. The unit will be set back in place, all electrical and mechanical connections will be made and we can assist with start-up. Evans Enterprises technicians can provide laser alignment, trim balancing, and vibration analysis to assure proper operation. We can even provide detailed reports of all repairs and final installed alignment and vibration data. That’s what we call “Pad to Pad” service from Evans Enterprises.

Removing 4500HP

Winding Removal

Connecting new winding

Installing unit at plant

Turnkey project completed in 11 days!

Evans Employee Operated Truck Fleet

Most of the equipment we work on is very expensive and often irreplaceable. We take a great deal of pride and concern when transporting your equipment. Properly securing and safely hauling the load is just part of our responsibility. Preventing shaft and rotor float is critical to avoiding damage to bearings and seals while in transit. Draining oil and providing “No Oil” tags prevents the inside of motors from being coated with sloshing oil or being run without filling with oil. Proper covering of equipment for wet weather is also crucial. Evans takes our responsibility for caring for your equipment seriously.

Evans State of the Art "Motor Performance Monitoring"

We test motors in order to evaluate their current condition and to predict their satisfactory operation in the future. Because many factors affect the performance and longevity of motors, we must perform a variety of tests and perform them within routine guidelines depending on their size and importance to your operation. Critical and large motors should be monitored more closely.

A reliable diagnosis of any motor's condition requires gathering as much data as possible about the motor. It is necessary to evaluate the motor's overall condition and how it performs under load. This requires dynamic or on-line testing. Evans uses the latest, state of the art test equipment developed by Baker Instrument Company, the recognized leader in electric motor testing equipment. For dynamic testing, Evans uses the "Motor Performance Monitor" or MPM. The MPM Explorer II from Baker Instruments Company is the latest innovative tool in plant predictive maintenance management. The Baker Explorer II utilizes multiple tests to determine power condition, integrity, load, and energy profiles of your motor. All of these tests are done without removing or disassembling the motor. Let Evans give your motor a clean bill of health or identify potential catastrophic failures before they happen.  We also offer 2 PDMA Machines for those customers owning such equipment.

Dynamic Testing Provided by the Baker Explorer II from Evans Enterprises

  • Power Condition Tests
  • Energy Assessment Tests
  • Motor Performance Tests
  • Motor Load Tests

Click here for More Details on Motor Performance Monitoring with the Baker Explorer II

Predicting vs. Preventing Maintenance Problems

Historically, there have been three types of maintenance theories (1) Break Down Maintenance, (2) Preventive Maintenance, (3) Predictive Maintenance. Breakdown Maintenance basically allows equipment to run until it destroys itself. In some cases production is key & downtime is not available.  Running equipment until it fails is not the preferred method of maintaining equipment but, the only method available.  Preventive Maintenance utilizes scheduled time frames of years or hours of service to determine the frequency of maintenance processes. This method is better than Breakdown Maintenance, but may result in repairing equipment that doesn’t need it or neglecting equipment that does. Environment, operating conditions, load and many other factors need to be considered when determining the frequency of maintenance. (3) Predictive Maintenance takes advantage of state of the art electrical and mechanical analytical and diagnostic equipment to determine the true condition of the equipment. This method assures, with much better accuracy, that equipment that needs attention, gets it.

At Evans Enterprises, Predictive Maintenance Programs are setup by establishing a base line or a series of electrical and mechanical readings on a group of rotating equipment to be monitored. After the baseline is determined, a scheduled route is laid out and regular readings are taken and compared against the base line data. Over time, trends can be identified by analyzing the original base line data against readings taken over time. These trends are used to identify and determine specific critical degradation in the condition of the unit. As the trends approach critical levels, plans can be made to schedule the unit for repairs during upcoming scheduled downtime or outages. This process allows better scheduling of maintenance, reduces catastrophic failures, lowers overtime charges, and minimizes non-recoverable downtime. Detailed Reports of our findings and recommended corrective actions are provided in hard copy or electronic format. Let Evans Enterprises show you how Predictive Maintenance can reduce maintenance costs and keep your equipment up and running.

Evans Predictive Maintenance Equipment Used :

  • Entek IRD Model 880 Vibration Analyzer
  • Entek IRD Data Pac 1500 Data Collector
  • Baker D15R Digital Winding Tester (Surge, Hipot & Resistance capabilities)
  • Baker Explorer II Comprehensive Online Motor Performance Diagnostic Tool
  • PDMA Analyzer

Vibration Analysis In-House and at Your Plant Site

Probably, the most all inclusive analysis of any rotating equipment’s condition can be achieved with vibration analysis. Vibration analysis is the method used to determine the condition of the rotating element and other vibration generating components of a piece of equipment. Vibration Analysis is done while the unit is running and preferably under normally loaded operating conditions. A vibration signature is taken on the operating equipment and at the same time a visual inspection is conducted. By analyzing the vibration readings and noting the frequency and degrees of vibration, problems can be identified and corrective actions taken. Individual components of rotating equipment have normal vibration frequencies and by analyzing these frequencies, defects can be identified. Evans Enterprises vibration and balancing tolerances are in accordance with The International Standards Organization (ISO) and The American Petroleum Institute (API). We consistently meet or exceed these standards. Evans Enterprises uses the latest in vibration analysis equipment to identify and solve your rotating equipment problems. Our technicians are routinely trained at manufacturer’s schools as soon as updates are made available. Whether you are looking to solve a specific problem on one piece of equipment or, looking for a plant wide periodic analysis route, Evans Enterprises is the answer. Our technicians can come to your plant site and diagnose one piece of equipment or work with you to set-up a plant wide program to identify trends. The analysis is done and recorded on state of the art vibration equipment, downloaded and analyzed by one of our skilled technicians. Detailed Reports of our findings and recommended corrective actions are provided in hard copy or electronic format. Our findings are prioritized with the most critical problems that need immediate attention listed first. Evans Enterprises’ technicians can work with you to develop corrective action plans and actually provide the necessary repairs.

Evans Vibration Analysis and Field Dynamic Balancing Equipment Used:

  • Entek IRD Model 880 Vibration Analyzer
  • Entek IRD Data Pac 1500 Data Collector
  • Laser Alignment can Straighten Out Your Equipment Problems

It is imperative for long term operation, that the driver and driven equipment be accurately aligned. Evans Enterprises uses the best laser alignment equipment on the market. Our technicians are routinely trained at factory sponsored schools on the proper operation of the equipment. Improperly aligned equipment can result in fast and devastating failures of multiple components. Seal wear, bearing failure, rotor drag, excessive vibration, are just some of the problems related to improper alignment. Laser alignment is a fast and accurate method to keep your equipment up and running. Evans alignment is done to customer specifications when available. If a customer does not have their own specifications a standard alignment chart is used for tolerances based on type of coupling, and the speed of the unit. In most cases, alignment is done to within .002” maximum misalignment. Call us today and see how we can help straighten out your alignment problems.

Evans Laser Alignment Equipment Used:

  • Fixture Laser Shaft 1000
  • Opti-Line

Evans Enterprises can Find the Real Problem with Root Cause Failure Analysis

Often, equipment fails in the same way several times and is just repaired the same way over and over. These recurring problems (i.e. short bearing life, frequent seal failure, structural cracking, etc.) are often symptoms of a more severe underlying problem. Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is a proven process that uses the technology of measuring and analyzing the root cause of a failure with instruments, tools, and engineering logic to correct the real problem once and for all. By correcting the actual cause of the recurring problem, instead of just repairing the failure, very significant savings in repair costs and downtime can be realized. Let Evans Enterprises apply Root Cause Failure Analysis techniques to your worst recurring problems.

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