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Evans Remanufactured Equipment

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for new equipment to be manufactured. Evans Enterprises specializes in the acquisition of equipment than can be re-designed or re-purposed for different applications. The saying, “They don’t make it like they used to” is certainly true in electrical equipment. Most manufacturers used to design and build equipment with a great deal of extra service factor. Therefore, with professional engineering, many motors, generators and switchgear can be redesigned to operate at different parameters. Horsepower, Speed. Enclosure, and Voltage are just some of the performance characteristics that may be able to be changed. Evans Enterprises has the capability to laser cut stator and rotor laminations to change even the slot design of some units. When you don’t have the time to wait on lengthy deliveries or have a unique situation, let Evans help you solve the problem with Remanufactured Equipment.

Evans Prototype Development and Small Quantity Manufacturing

Evans Enterprises has continued to diversify and expand our service and product offerings since 1954. From manufacturing down hole drill motors and linear induction motors, to assisting with the development of prototype generators for aircraft carriers and lift and propulsion magnets for Magnetic Levitation Trains, Evans Enterprises strives to stay at the forefront of the Electrical Apparatus Industry. Many service centers shy away from new technologies and developmental products but we want to be on the cutting edge. The products of today were the dreams of yesterday, and the prototypes of today will be commonplace tomorrow.

Linear Induction Motor Manufacturing and Repairs

Over 4000 Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) were manufactured for the City of Denver & United Airlines for the Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System. After successfully completing this phase of the project, we were awarded several additional manufacturing opportunities for other components of the system. Evans has maintained the LIMs on a continuous repair contract since the system has been operational.

Magnetic Levitation Transportation (MAGLEV)

Evans manufactured the Propulsion and Levitation Magnets for a prototype MAGLEV train that was tested and developed by American Maglev in Florida. The completed system was then put into operation at a university in Virginia and is operating today. We are currently working with them on building additional magnets for future expansion and development.

Generator Prototype Development and Manufacturing

Over the last two years, Evans has worked closely as a team member in the development of a generator system (EMALS) that will be used to power linear induction motors used to launch aircraft off of US Navy air craft carriers. We have successfully accomplished the first phase of the program and have been chosen as a Team member for phase two. Due to the proprietary nature of this project we are not allowed to provide additional details.

Down Hole Drill Motors

Evans has worked with a Fortune 500 oil field supplier to develop and manufacture special down hole drill motors that operate up to 15,000 feet underground. We are currently manufacturing these motors and are working on a new permanent magnet design.

Evans Resource Availability Management Program “RAM”

When a critical motor fails, do you know where the spare is or if it’s in operating condition? The Evans Enterprises "RAM" program can help assure that your motors are where you need them and that they are in operating condition. Whether you prefer to keep your equipment on-site or off-site we can help. Our technicians can assist with plant audits of in service and spare equipment, collecting nameplate data, condition, and plant, department and machine location of equipment that every item is a spare for. We can provide monthly tests and condition reporting of your spare equipment inventory. If you’re looking for off-site storage, Evans offers storage space for all or part of your critical equipment. A complete service package includes storage, monthly testing, space heater operating checks and shaft rotation. In many cases our customers look to Evans Enterprises to transport the spare to one of their sites, remove the failed unit and install the spare. The failed unit is transported back to our plant, repaired and becomes the spare. Evans Enterprises can also assist with acquiring equipment to fill voids in your spare inventory and help you sell duplicated spares. Call us today and let the Evans Enterprises “RAM” program take the worry out of spare equipment availability. Click here for More Details on the Evans Resource Availability Management Program.

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