Evans Enterprises, Inc


The Leader in Electric Motor Repair Sales, Service and Integrations

Our Mission

Our purpose at Evans Enterprises is to serve customers by providing increased value of product and service and provide opportunities for fulfillment of employees.

Our highest priority is quality. This includes safety, marketing, product design, application, manufacturing, service and repair. Quality comes before sales, shipments, profits or technology.

However, profit is a requirement of modern business and it is expected that we will continue to improve productivity as we serve customers with increased value and therefore earn a worthwhile return.

Productivity and quality are allied factors that are the functions of inputs ranging from people's attitudes to technical innovation and modern capital equipment. We intend to involve people including vendors, marketing, finance, manufacturing, engineering, and customers in a closed loop system to obtain quality and productivity and to find a better way to accomplish results.

We will invest in technology to provide new products and to serve new markets. We will also invest in modern machinery to improve quality and productivity.

Finally, we will provide a superior work environment and challenging careers for every employee.

Evans strives to continually develop long term relationships with our customers and strengthen our reputation as a cutting edge company with a great emphasis on quality and character.

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