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At Evans Enterprises, Inc. we are constantly seeking new ways to serve our customers’ needs. As we visit with our customers, we listen intently for ways that we can help them solve problems and meet challenges. We do this by providing services and products that are uniquely designed to fill specific needs.

A common challenge that we hear in industry today, is the requirement for accomplishing more tasks with fewer resources, particularly in the maintenance arena. In most cases, more and more results are being demanded from a maintenance staff that is constantly shrinking.

In response to this growing problem, Evans Enterprises, Inc. has continually diversified into many different, but related areas that compliment the traditional electric motor repair services we have provided since 1954. These services include machine work, dynamic balancing, vibration analysis, laser alignment, electronics service, switchgear re-manufacturing and retrofit, infrared scanning, hoist and crane maintenance repair and inspections, compressor service, pump service, and much, much, more. In addition, Evans offers a wide array of new, used and re-manufactured motors, controls, variable frequency drives, and many related accessories.

Evans also has created a unique program we call the “R.A.M. Program”. This acronym stands for “Resource Availability Management”, which is a program whereby we take responsibility for making sure that your equipment is ready for immediate operation at all times. In general, if you don’t have the people or resources to get the job done, when you need it, we will help you get it done. The best part is, that we can save you money, get the job done when you need it done, and exactly the way you want it done.

The following pages outline some of the features, benefits, and possibilities of Evans’ “Equipment Management Partnership Program”. We look forward to discussing this with you further and showing you how this new partnership concept will help you meet the challenges of Equipment Maintenance Management.

We appreciate the opportunity to present this new concept to you and your interest in considering how it might fit in with your maintenance needs for the future.

R.A.M. Program Benefits

  • Consistent Quality Repairs To Your Specifications
  • Spares Inventory Streamlining and Management
  • On-Site, Manned, Controlled Atmosphere Storage Facility
  • Complete On-Site Service Support
  • Equipment Service Histories and Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Repairs
  • Administrative and Purchasing Cost Savings
  • Reduced Annual Motor Repair Budget Guaranteed
  • Two Year Warranty on Re-Manufactured Motors

Consistent Quality Repairs

  • All Specific Customer Specifications Understood in Advance of Repairs and Rigidly Adhered to on All Jobs
  • Custom Data Report Forms Available for Customer Records and Trending
  • In House Engineering and Design Capabilities, Plus Member in Good Standing of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association
  • Complete Quality Assurance Program in Place and Constantly Evaluated for Better Methods, Procedures and Materials
  • Team Approach to “Total Quality Management” and “Excellence in
    Customer Service”
  • On-Going Commitment to Training of All Evans and Customer Employees in the Technical Skills Necessary to do Their Jobs Effectively
  • Eleven Large Well Equipped and Staffed Service Centers to Handle the Scope and Size of Work Requested
  • Over 45 years Experience in the Electrical / Mechanical Rotating Equipment Service Industry. Over 250 Employees
  • Premium Repair Techniques to Extend the Life of the Unit - Negotiable “Two Year Extended Warranty”
  • Volume Motor Repair Contract Translates Into Lower Annual Repair Cost

Spares Inventory Streamlining and Management

  • Consolidate Inventory Into One Central Location On-Site
  • Provide 24 hr, 7 Day On-Call Qualified Attendant for Storage Facility
  • Identify Equipment into Like Categories “Critical, Active, Obsolete”
  • Computerize Information with Emphasis on “Where Used”; “Individual Identity”; “Coded Usage Reporting”
  • Purchase Stock and Non Stock Items at a Competitive Market Price to Fill Voids in Inventory
  • Convert O.E.M. Motors and Parts to Their Generic Equivalent
  • Reduce the Cost of Ownership, Interest, Warehouse Space, Taxes, Insurance, Handling Expense, Depreciation, Obsolescence, etc.
  • Reduce the Cost of Acquisition, Purchasing Lead-Time, Quoting and Bidding Process, Purchase Order Expense, Receiving Material, Checking and Paying of Invoices, and Inventory Maintenance
  • Reduce the Cost of Possession, Stores Accounting, Annual Physical Inventory, Creation and Maintenance of Storage Area

Complete On-Site Service Support

  • “Pad to Pad” Repair Service - Remove, Repair, Return, Replace, Align, and Start-up Available
  • Company Owned and Operated Transportation of any Size Equipment
  • Predictive / Preventive Maintenance Programs from Individual Unit
    Analysis to Plant Wide Trend Analysis and Reporting
  • Rewinds and Reconditions Done On-Site Where Removal of the Unit is Not Feasible
  • Complete Electrical and Mechanical Integrity Testing, Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment
  • Infrared Thermography Scanning Services
  • Crane and Hoist Manufacturing, Service and Inspections
  • Switchgear Service, Re-manufacturing, and Retrofitting
  • Electronic Service on Most Brands of AC and DC Drives and Systems
  • Complete Motor Service Histories and Quality Reports Available
  • Any Maintenance Tasks, That You Don’t Have the Personnel or Resources to Accomplish....... We Would Like to Have the Opportunity to Develop a Plan To Do It For You!

Equipment Service and Quality Assurance Reporting

  • Extensive Data Reports of Repairs Done and Test Results
  • Equipment Service Histories for Determining When Replacing a Unit is Better Than Repairing it Again
  • Customized Reporting and Data Presentation for Administrative or Maintenance Meetings
  • Inventory Listings By “Where Used” and “Individual Identities”
  • “Electronic Data Interface” for Immediate Transfer and Access to Pertinent data
  • On-Going Commitment to Communicating Needs With Plant Personnel for Faster Decision Making
  • Simplified Administrative and Purchasing Reporting Through
    Pre-Determined Pricing Agreements

Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Repairs

  • Minimize the Need for Breakdown Maintenance and Repairs
  • Improve on the Old Preventive Maintenance Time Based Philosophies
  • Provide a More Cost Effective Solution to Maintenance Activities
  • Use Diagnostic Equipment Periodically to Determine the Condition of Equipment Before Randomly Selecting for Unnecessary Repairs
  • Prevent Less Effective Repairs and Minimize Catastrophic Failures
  • Usually Able to Recognize Problem Conditions at a Stage Prior to the
    Actual Failure
  • Improve Processes and Product Quality
  • Enable Planned Condition Based Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Contract Service Quality Improves
  • Increase Operator and / or Public Safety
  • Decrease Costs of Emergency “Overtime” and “Consequential” Repairs
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Equipment Downtime
  • Increase Plant Availability and Profitability

Administrative and Purchasing Cost Savings

  • Decrease the Cost of Bidding Every Job
  • Utilize Less Costly Releases Against a Blanket P.O.#
  • Guarantee Immediate Response to Emergency Needs
  • 95% of All Repairs are Priced in Advance and Negotiated Annually
  • Reduce Cost of Generating and Transferring Technical and Administrative Paperwork
  • Change the Nature and Reduce the Need for Interviewing Salespeople
  • Selecting Suppliers and Negotiating Prices Reduced to One Time Only
  • Simplify the Distribution of Materials to Different Vendor Locations
  • Reduce the Need for Expediting and Tracking to Only One Vendor
  • Simplify Receiving and Editing of Invoices and Maintenance of Accounts Payable Records
  • Expedite the Payment of Vendor Invoices
  • The Partnership Approach removes the Adversarial Relationship and Enhances the Team Approach to Improving Services and Saving Money

Reduced Annual Motor Repair Budget

  • Allow More Accurate Budgeting, by Providing a Repair Cost Ceiling on 95% of all repairs
  • Reduce the Cost of Overtime Repairs on Emergency Repairs
  • Reduce the Cost of Unnecessary Additional Repairs to Other Components that Could Have Been Prevented
  • Cut The Cost of Downtime and Non-Recoverable Production
  • Allow the Repair Shop to Pass Along The Cost Savings of Being Able to Base Load the Plant
  • “Gain Sharing” – A Unique Concept Where we Share the Increased Cost of Repairs That Exceed the Total Annual Repair Budget
  • Reduce Sub Contracted Trucking Expense
  • Eliminate the Useless Repair of Motors That are More Economical to Replace
  • Fill Voids in Present Spare Motor Inventory With Competitively Priced Replacements, thus Reducing the Need for Premium Priced Overtime Repairs
  • Assist with Selling or Scrapping Obsolete or Duplicated Inventory of Spare Motors


Thank you for the opportunity to present some of the unique features and benefits of The R.A.M. Resource Availability Management Program from Evans Enterprises, Inc. We are confident that that as you examined this overview that it became obvious how some of these ideas might fit your needs.

More specifically, we hope that we have shown how Evans Enterprises, Inc’s. - Plant Services, can provide you with a viable method for improving services while at the same time saving you dollars. We at Evans Enterprises, Inc. believe that we can accomplish our goals together through a partnership approach to maintenance solutions.

Evans Enterprises, Inc. has the facilities, equipment, and most importantly the people that want to make this Equipment Management Partnership Program a successful working solution for you. The desired result being to provide our customers with another solution to a challenge facing all of industry today. That challenge being, “The Demand for More Results, with Diminishing Personnel, Resources, and Dollars Available to get The Job Done”

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these ideas with you further and begin to map out a plan of how we might implement this “Total Service Concept” into your maintenance program.

We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to expanding the services that we provide you.


“The Evans Enterprises, Inc. Team”

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