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At Evans Enterprises, we understand the need for quality new products and strive to search out the very best industrial products on the market, and make them available to our customers. Evans Enterprises is a distributor for many major manufacturers of industrial electrical and mechanical products. Our goal is to have the products you need available when you need them. We do this by stocking a variety of new products at all of our plants, while utilizing the manufacturer’s warehouse stock for backup. In most cases, Evans Enterprises is a stocking distributor for the products that we promote, allowing us to pass along competitive prices, stock preference, as well as technical and administrative support from the manufacturer. In the event that we are not a distributor for a certain product, we will do our best to help you source the product you are looking for. Evan’s inside sales and warehouse personnel are on call 24/7 for emergencies. Remember, "We always service what we sell".


AC, DC & Servo Electric Motors

Evans Enterprises stocks AC and DC motors from fractional to 300 HP. These stock motors are primarily NEMA frame motors that are typically replaced and not repaired or rewound. In addition, Evans Enterprises has immediate access to all of our motor manufacturer’s warehouses that are strategically located across the nation. This inventory is available to us and our customers 24/7 for immediate shipment. One of Evan’s greatest assets is our Remanufacturing Division, which can engineer, redesign and remanufacture existing rotating equipment to fit many applications. This can be a huge advantage when large special motors are not available from manufacturer’s inventories.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following electric motor manufacturers:

  • AO Smith
  • General Electric
  • Marathon
  • Toshiba
  • Baldor/Reliance
  • Lafert
  • US
  • Fasco
  • Leeson
  • Sterling
  • WEG
  • Franklin
  • Lincoln
  • Teco / WH
  • Dynapar
  • Ferraz
  • Hitachi
  • SSB
  • VEN
  • Winergy
  • Mersen
  • Wind Solutions
  • DHI



Motor Controls & Soft Starters

Evans Enterprises offers a complete line of motor controls and soft starts from several manufacturers. Our stock is designed to support equipment in the field that our customers are currently operating. In the event that a customer is looking for a new installation or replacement of existing equipment, we can work with them to develop the system they need. Evans offers licensed electricians to provide all of the wiring, up to 4160 volts, needed for a turnkey installation from a single source. From a complete motor control center to retrofitting an across the line starter to a new solid state soft starter, Evans is just a phone call away. We also specialize in helping you locate that hard to find obsolete replacement part. “If we can’t find it, we can probably have one built”.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following electric motor control manufacturers:

  • ABB Controls
  • ARCO Phase Converters
  • Cerus Controls
  • Dart Controls
  • Motortronics
  • ABB Soft Starts
  • Benshaw Soft Starters
  • Diversified
  • Red Lion
  • ABB / Entrelec
  • Cleveland Machine
  • Furnas / Siemens
  • Time Mark


AC, DC & Servo Drives

Industry, utilities, municipalities and others are adopting electronic controls as the standard for controlling electric motors. Evans Enterprises has seen that coming and positioned ourselves to fully support that transition. AC & DC drives improve the ability to control speed, accuracy, product quality, enable more energy efficient operation and much more. Evans is a leader in the field of AC Variable Frequency Drives, both HVAC and Industrial, and is one of the largest distributors for ABB drives in the nation. Evans is the only distributor that has been authorized to sell the ABB Medium Voltage Drives. Evans provides installations, commissioning, and service on the AC, DC & Servo drives we sell. In addition, Evans offers licensed electricians to provide all of the wiring, up to 4160 volts, needed for a turnkey installation from a single source. If you are looking for a quality source for any of your AC, DC or Servo Drive needs, Evans is the obvious choice.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following AC, DC & Servo Drive manufacturers:

  • ABB
  • MTE - Line Reactors
  • Baldor/Reliance
  • Leeson
  • WEG
  • MVC - Transient Voltage Surge Suppression


Air Compressors & Accessories

Almost every industrial plant has a need for compressed air, and in many cases it is essential to the operation of the plant. Evans strives to offer solutions for equipment service problems, and air compressors have their share of problems. Evans is a stocking distributor for several major brands of air compressors and accessories. Evans can provide a new air compressor system complete with dryers, coolers, starters and controls, as well as many other accessories. In addition, Evans offers accessories, parts and service for most major brands of air compressors. Evans service department offers turnkey installation, electrification, and service after the sale on all of our compressor products and accessories. We even supply the best compressor oil on the market – “Summit Oil”.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following Air Compressor and Accessories manufacturers.

  • Air / Tak
  • Curtis Toledo
  • Manchester Tanks
  • Summit Oil
  • Champion
  • Kobelco (Oil Free)
  • Pneumatech



Evans Enterprises offers many different options for pumps, parts and accessories. From small decorative pumps to large vertical turbine pumps, Evans can help you with your pump needs.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following Pump manufacturers:

  • Aurora
  • Little Giant
  • WEIL
  • Hydromatic
  • National
  • TACO
  • Crane Pumps & Systems
    • Barnes
    • Burks
    • Crown
    • Deming
    • Prosser
    • Weinman


Hoists & Attachments

An important part of any plant is its ability to safely lift and move products throughout the plant. Many plants have hundreds of hoists and lifting attachments in operation that need service, replacement and repair parts. Evans specializes in providing new hoists, quality parts, accessories, and a large variety of attachments for most major brands of hoists. Over many years of servicing hoists we have developed relationships and supply sources for parts on most brands of hoists. A hoist can be retrofitted to do more than just go up and down. Evans supplies, installs and services remote radio controls, variable frequency drives, lift extenders, vacuum lifters, electrification pickups, and much more. Give Evans a call for any of your hoist or specialty lifting problems. We will help you find the solution.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following Hoist, Attachment and Accessory manufacturers:

  • Hubbell
  • Insul - 8 Corp
  • ACCO / Wright
  • Duct-o-Wire
  • Budget
  • Gorbel
  • CM
  • Cady-Lifters
  • Caldwell Lifters
  • Palamatic
  • Vacu-Lifts
  • Chester
  • Coffing
  • PE Variable Speed Drives
  • Duff Norton
  • R&M Hoists
  • Shaw Box
  • Yale
  • Telecrane Remote Radio Controls
  • Howell


Gear Boxes & Gear Products

Many applications require an increase or decrease in the nameplate speed of the motor. As a result, there are many gearboxes, mechanical variable speed drives, clutches, and other means of changing speed in use in the industrial world. Evans is a distributor for many of the manufacturers of this type of equipment. We offer complete replacements, new installations, parts and accessories for most major brands of gear products and speed changing equipment. Our David Brown, Radicon, Textron gearboxes are drop in replacements for SEW Eurodrives, allowing the use of standard NEMA and IEC frame replacement motors. Evans is also a distributor for the complete Baldor/Reliance and US lines of gear products. If you’re having trouble with changing speeds, let Evans give you a hand.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following Gear Box and Gear Product manufacturers.

  • Baldor/Reliance Gear Products
  • David Brown Radicon / Kone
  • Electra Gear
  • SEW Eurodrives
  • Sterling Gears
  • US Emerson Gear Products



Evans primarily provides service and repairs for most brands of generators. However, we are distributors for a select group of generator manufacturers. In addition, we have developed sources for replacement parts, upgrades and accessories for most major brands.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following Generator and Accessory manufacturers.

  • Baldor/Reliance
  • EMD
  • Generac
  • KATO
  • Winco Generators

Safety Devices

Evans understands and promotes the high priority of safety and therefore has sought out safety products that are on the cutting edge of preventing injuries caused by equipment. The two lines of safety devices we are distributors for offer a wide array of products that are specifically designed to keep operators safe from injury. Let Evans show you how our safety devices and products can help keep your employees and equipment operators safe and injury free.

Evans is proud to be a distributor for the following Safety Device manufacturers:

  • STI Optical Sensors & Light Curtains


Re-Manufactured Equipment

Deliveries on large custom equipment is often longer than your production plans can stand. Some equipment manufacturers have unreasonably long deliveries on large special equipment orders. Many times, new plant installations can’t live with the long deliveries for new equipment. Evans recognized this problem and equipped ourselves with the capability to acquire, engineer, redesign and remanufacture existing equipment to our customer’s specific needs. In most cases, remanufactured equipment can be ready for operation in weeks instead of waiting months for new equipment to be manufactured. Evans remanufactured equipment, that we rewind is warranted for two years and can be extended up to five years. If you don’t have the time to wait on new equipment deliveries, call Evans for a quote on our premium quality Remanufactured Equipment.

  • Low & Medium
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Any Brand Re-Manufactured Equipment & Spare Parts


Miscellaneous Products & Replacement Parts

Possibly the most important aspect of keeping a plant running is the availability of a huge variety of replacement parts. Any production line is only as good as its weakest link, and that can often be a small, but critical part. Evans has been sourcing and supplying replacement parts since 1954. Our plants have developed inventories of replacement parts that our customers need. However, with the constantly changing equipment in our customer’s plants we also have to be experts at knowing where to find parts that we don’t stock. Over the last 50 years Evan’s inside sales staff has become experts in sourcing special parts. Let Evans help you locate those hard to find special parts that will keep your plant up and running.

  • Carbone Brush Systems of North America
  • Reuland Parts
  • US Electric Parts
  • Westinghouse Parts
  • Bussman Fuses
  • Shawmut Gould Fuses
  • Hoyt Contacts
  • Stearns & Dings Brakes
  • Detroit Coils
  • Adapt-O-Mount Motor Bases
  • Adjustable Motor Bases
  • IMPRO Seals
  • Pump Seals
  • Hammond & Hevi Duty Transformers
  • SMC Pneumatic
  • Schaefer Fans
  • FLIR Infrared Camera Systems
  • Helwig

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